Exporting for GarageBand?

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Exporting for GarageBand?

Post by briantium » Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:28 am

Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for clarification on what I've been able to deduce from various forums on this topic. I'm given to understand that GarageBand does NOT import AAF files, correct? And as such, the way for me to export a multi-track live concert from Auria Pro for use in GarageBand on a MacBook/Desktop would be to use the Mixdown function set to Stems? That would create a WAV file of each individual track that I'd be able to then bring into GarageBand, yes?

(I've tried using the GarageBand app on both the iPad and iPhone to record a live show, and while it worked, it was just very cumbersome and the screen locked up during recording on both so I couldn't scroll down to check that all 16 tracks were recording; they were, but it was undesirable to deal with not being able to check while recording; Auria Pro looks much better to use as my iPad option, as long as I can get those files into GarageBand on my computer. Now, GarageBand on a laptop records tracks fine with no buggy issues, but using an iPad would be more desirable for portability. Wanting to avoid paying for an upgrade to Logic Pro, which I know does take AAF files, for the time being.)

Please advise, and thanks.


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