Problem with random midi fx and loop playback

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Problem with random midi fx and loop playback

Post by Pejman » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:04 pm

Auria pro is a grate app.
I always worked with cubase on pc and improvising with guitar on midi tracks that I created them and playback them with loop playback with editing locators for them ,and I adjust ( midi modified ). random midi velocity and random midi position or a little midi length random , and each time that playback was repeated with loop playback, was applied automatically a NEW velocity or position or lenght ,To avoid monotony or invariably of midi sound .
I was happy that there is this useful option on auriapro . But that ( random velocity or any randomization on midi control parameters ) doesn't work on loop playback ,so that with every or each times loop playback,doesn't applied a new velocity or position or ... Automatically . it works just for first time of playing, but no on loop playback.

I crate a midi track on auriapro and adjust left and right locators. Select fx on midi track and adjust random knob's 1 and 2, select velocity and position under the knob's.

I have a another question about this case.
Do we have just ( random velocity ) for when we active arpeggiator on another background app that output midi support , realtime send to auria and active just random velocity in fx midi track, and each time that repeat arpeggios ,applied new velocity randomly? In future updates ?

Ipad air2 . Ios 9.3.5 . Auriapro



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