Metronome and tracks out of synchronisation

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Metronome and tracks out of synchronisation

Post by Chollus » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:56 am

Hi. Here are the bugs i have noticed :

- when 2 convolution reverbs are used on auf fx : out of synchronisation between tracks and metronome. (The playback of the tracks is delayed when it s recording or just playing)only the sound is delayed, on the screen all is ok.
Not a hardware probleme because with of without my soundcard device it s the same, if i plug headphones directly in ipad it s the same...

- when buffer size is on 4096 (with no midi) it s the same with or without convolution reverb

So, impossible to record some new things without change the buffer and clean the aux slots

My set up :
Ipad air2 138go 10.0.02
Auria pro
Presonus audiobox ione

(An older thread already mentionned the trouble with aux and convolution reberb but not news)
Thanks for helping

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