Export Midi file not working - results in empty or corrupted

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Export Midi file not working - results in empty or corrupted

Post by frs441 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:14 am

Hi Wavemachine!
Using Auria pro on iPad Pro 12.9 with our choir and would like to export midi files to our Choir members.
After moving a little around with midi selections I end up in a project where it is not possible to export a working midi file anymore. The project is attached. In other projects I got corrupted midi files. The situation appears often after changing temp or just moving or coping midi selections. Please help find the bug!
Furthermore I would like very much to be able to export midi files to Dropbox.

One more bug is if the project name contains the Swedish letter ae "ä" or the danish letter ae "æ" the project is created but not possible to open again.

BR, Frederik
Laenge leve livet.zip
Project file where export to midi is not working
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