options for bluetooth MIDI controller in Auria standard?

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options for bluetooth MIDI controller in Auria standard?

Post by asomatous » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:41 am

Hallå :)
So, I have been selling my gear to get a van and now I want a super portable recording setup so I decided to get Auria on my ipad (currently an Air 2 bu t may soon upgrade to a 9.7" Pro).
I'm on a pretty tight budget and have already been an idiot... looking at affordable interfaces I bought the Allen & Heath ZEDi, for some reason thinking I could also use it as a controller. this is the main reason I got a bigger interface, although I did of course want 4 channels or more if possible so it seemed a decent option. the interface works as an interfact but there is no MIDI even through the USB so I can't control even the faders in Auria (the main thing I wanted physical)...
so, now, I guess I am open to suggestions for better budget interfce options but as this is not just and interface question I posted it in general. I need a whole workable set-up, so now I am looking at what I can use as a suitable MIDI controller with physcal sliders and knobs. I found people on here speaking about the KORG NanoKontrol Studio, and I saw also that this can run with bluetooth which makes it a better option for me if using an audio interface at the same time. I couldn't find confirmation, though, that Auria will work with bluetooth MIDI. I read somewhere on here that it will be implemented (a post from over a year ago) and I see it in the MIDI settings, but is it reliable? has anybody tested it with the NanoKontrol studio and found it all to work? Is there a better option for a MIDI controller (preferably bluetooth but not essential as I could buy a hub) or even a good interface with MIDI control which I can get for similar budget to the ZEDi 10 and the KORG NanoKontrol?
I suppose my current MIDI keyboard may be a little big to take in my van so I am maybe in the market for a new keyboard, any compact keyboards with edequate mixing and transport controls which will work?
I appreciate all suggestions whilst making decisions :)

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