Focusrite 18i6 miss reporting latency to Ipad2

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Focusrite 18i6 miss reporting latency to Ipad2

Post by alwayssomthing » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:46 pm

Dear RIM please help or if anyone has had this problem

Here's the problem:
My Focusrite 18i6 is miss-reporting the latency time to Auria (original version) on an Ipad2 latest IOS installed. focusrite has latest firmware and Mixcontrol is latest version. I've saved to hardware the low latency patch as well as the tracking patch for IPad with no help to problem. I'll record audio and when over dubbing the audio doesn't line up. So I do the loop back test and align audio. All is fine until I restart IPad or I restart the 18i6 (which is on a furman power supply and get turned off completely) every time I go to an existing project the latency is completely different and I have to do the loop back test every time I open up session. Depending what order I turn things on or if Auria is running when I connect USB to 18i6 or if everything is plugged in 18i6 is powered then start Auria the latency will be different. If iPad times out and I restart it latency is off also and this could be just after I adjusted latency time. Any Ideas on what's causing the problem the 18i6 or the Ipad2. I've heard the IPad has a core audio problem. I want to replace which one is the root problem if I can't straighten this out. Note: at one point years ago I downloaded a beta version of a patch from Focusrit and everything worked well. But that was many IOS versions ago and have the lates Mixcontrol and Firmware from focusrite and am having these problems......

Thanks Sam

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